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  • "That was one year ago and not only have we been able to keep his spine from curving more, his curve has actually improved by 4 degrees, something conventional medicine doubted could happen. When we received the report from this latest x-ray and learned that, for the first time, his curve was improved, the relief brought me to tears. I couldn’t wait to call your office and share the amazing news."
    Cathy M.
  • "After a frustrating year of indifferent doctors who ignored my concerns about Bobby, finding Dr. Chapple was like a gift. Dr. Chapple and his staff create such a friendly, supportive environment that Bobby looks forward to his therapy. For the first time on this journey with my son, I left a doctor’s office feeling good about the experience. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have a doctor who understands your child, who cares about your child, and who can help your child."
    Monica K.
  • "I had all but given up on a full and painfree golf swing until I began chiropractic treatment. I would highly recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone who wishes to achieve an elevated level of activity, without drugs or surgeries."
    Jon H.
  • "I truely feel that my life has been given back to me and I actually feel MUCH YOUNGER!!!!"
    Phyllis K.
  • "Now I can walk without pain, and can even keep up with my two year old granddaughter. I am a very happy patient."
    Mary Ann B.
  • "Before meeting Dr. Chapple, I was morelikely to walk around with back pain and, now being free of pain has given me a normal life again."
    Joyce K.

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