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Functional Nutritional Analysis

All Major Chronic Diseases are Preventable

"According to the Center of Disease control,.... the major chronic disease killers (heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes) are considered "largely preventable" with positive lifestyle habits, such as physical exercise and proper nutrition."

Determine your risk for various digestive disorders and toxicities, Your level of free radical activity which leads to premature aging, cancer and multiple degenerative conditions, Your immune function risks, Your energy maintenance ability and risk of osteoporosis, through our office non-invasive testing , have our office make natural/nutritional recommendations and monitor your results quarterly.

Discover how Functional Nutritional Analysis can help identify your risk factors for major diseases and discover a more appropriate approach to improve your health.

How Genetics Play a Role in Your Health

When it comes to your health, science has found the answers are in your genes. Your DNA tells a story through genetics, and with our gene analysis, you can gain insight into your genetics and how they impact your health. Now, we have the tools that give you some answers.

Learn what role your genes play in digestive health, how well your body copes with the stress of physical activity; how environmental factors affect your body, and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle impact your health.

Gene analysis is a non-invasive test which delivers answers exclusively tailored to you, your body and your lifestyle, as well as produces a customized nutritional approach that our doctors tailor to best suit your specific genetic results and needs.

The science is now, the science is available at our office, your health is now, better health through functional nutritional analysis is now at our office and your time to better your health is now.

Call to schedule your initial functional nutritional counseling today.

Recommendations and nutritional/homeopathic approaches and testing are not meant as diagnoses, treatment and /or cures; and as such are not intended to take the place or supersede medical diagnosis, advice or management

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